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RC 3 Viva Voce


Throughout the process of writing this EE, I thoroughly enjoyed researching and learning about the whole new concept of quantum computing, encompassing both physics and computer science. My main weakness in doing this topic was my lack of understanding of the complex mathematics and physics properties behind quantum computing. Revisiting this topic later on in my education, when I understand fully the mechanics behind these computations, will be an enlightening experience. However, this aspect of my EE that made it challenging is what made my research process interesting. By mainly using primary scholarly sources directly published from researchers in universities, my understanding increase in accuracy in this sometime misinterpreted or miscommunicated topic. The technical part of my research process included becoming part of the IBMQx and Qiskit online community, learning from and interacting with experts in the field. Unfortunately, I was not able to investigate my original aim in quantum computing algorithms due to technical constraints, where I could not perform accurate measurements on experiments remotely. I had to reach a compromise with a topic that is measurable but less practical. Perhaps it is possible to explore this field when I have access to improved available technology and more research.

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