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December 13, 2019

RC 3 Viva Voce

Throughout the process of writing this EE, I thoroughly enjoyed researching and learning about the whole new concept of quantum computing, encompassing both physics and computer science. My main weakness in doing this topic was my lack of understanding of the complex mathematics and physics properties behind quantum computing. Revisiting this topic later on in my education, when I understand fully the mechanics behind these computations, will be an enlightening experience. However, this aspect of my EE that made it challenging is what made my research process interesting. By mainly using primary scholarly sources directly published from researchers in universities, my understanding increase in accuracy in this sometime misinterpreted or miscommunicated topic. The technical part of my research process included becoming part of the IBMQx and Qiskit online community, learning from and interacting with experts in the field. Unfortunately, I was not able to investigate my original aim in quantum computing algorithms due to technical constraints, where I could not perform accurate measurements on experiments remotely. I had to reach a compromise with a topic that is measurable but less practical. Perhaps it is possible to explore this field when I have access to improved available technology and more research.

September 22, 2019

Interim Reflection 2 (RC2)

Having unable to apply experiments to quantum algorithms with a real quantum computer, I looked into a more practical side concerning quantum decoherence, measurable on the online IBM Quantum Experience computer yet extremely relevant to the future and functionality of quantum computers. Thus far, my research has been fairly successful. I was able to find multiple scholarly sources on research projects about quantum decoherence, and my experiment with the IBMQx has been successful with both the online interface and Qiskit environment. I also learnt a lot about quantum mechanics and how it applies to quantum computing through online college lectures. To be able to explain the advanced concepts of quantum computing to my audience, I need to first understand them well, starting from the basics. My supervisor has asked me to find a variety of sources and justify my arguments further and ensure credibility of my research. I will read papers pertaining to other parts of quantum computing.

May 9, 2019

EE Day Reflection

One thing Ive learned.

Something I learned about today is how to write personal engagement. With 5 areas you can connect to: culture, family, history, language, and religion, I can relate my personal engagement with the specific topic I am researching about. As it is 6 marks of the essay, I must show why I want to write about this topic and how this topic relates to me in depth, not just that I was interested in it.

What I’m proud of

I am proud of starting to write my essay with the introduction containing my personal engagement and the background of the research question. It has become my first step in my extended essay progress.

What else do I need to do next.

I need to continue my research on quantum algorithms and whether it is feasible to predict a trend and where I can expect a relationship between the input value and an element of the output value. I also have to further my understanding of quantum circuits as a mathematical model so I can understand the algorithms I come in contact with better.

April 22, 2019

Initial EE Reflection

At first, I knew I wanted to do an extended essay on computer science. I believe that computer science will an area of knowledge that can push forward our technology and major scientific discoveries due to the complex nature of the subject, but also the applicability of it on the real world. I considered delving into artificial intelligence and parallel computing, but from my research, I found that quantum computing is an area that is difficult yet fascinating. I thought that exploring a quantum algorithm through experimentation would be the best way to further my learning. After researching more, I was interested in Shor’s law as it has real world application that can affect our daily life. Through online research, I utilized a quantum environment, qiskit, to program and the IBM QX computer to put the algorithm into action. Based on the output of the program, I found that I can measure the reliability of the algorithm.

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