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The Story of My Learning Starts Here

October 5, 2018
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PSE Term 1 Reflection

In the first term of PSE we learned about identity, emotional intelligence, and optimism. Something I would like to work on is being optimistic in what I do. A lot of times I would think negative thoughts and I think converting these thoughts into motivation would really help me improve. I need to change my mindset when getting back grades for tests and projects into how would I improve next time. I also need to turn things I don’t want to do into positive outcomes of what I would want to have.

September 21, 2018

Emotional Intelligence – my musings around goal setting

Emotional intelligence is shown to be more useful than IQ. I think both are closely related. Your academics can and will affect your thinking process and logical reasoning which will then affect how you interact with others. If you can analyze people better and know how to interact with them, you would get through life better.

Emotional intelligence is something you can learn. Practice of talking with others and interacting socially will increase your EQ. Here, experience is the best teacher. No one is born with EQ. Changing habits and world views will change your EQ.

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