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August 26, 2019

Summer Reading

What you read:

Over the summer, the Hong Kong protests were at its climax. I followed many news sources reporting on the events including state owned news sources from mainland China.

Personal Response:

For me, I discovered the vast differences in perspectives between the news sources in mainland China and western news and how, sometimes, facts are distorted to fit an overarching narrative. Instead of reporting on “fake news” and falsified events, both China and foreign sources contain some sort of bias. For instance, China obviously avoids reporting about police brutality happening and undercover policemen pretending to be protestors and instead focuses on how a reporter from Chinese news sources was beaten by the protestors and calling for aid from mainland Chinese residents. On the other hand, there was little to no coverage on how the protest affected innocent people travelling through the Hong Kong airport as well as violence towards Chinese reporters. For me, it was very horrifying to realize that news sources would completely ignore events in order to fit a narrative that pleases the readers, especially with such major issues when Hong Kong protestors are fighting for such a significant cause.

Literary/Non-Literary Feature:

On the mainland China side, the articles appeal to pathos a lot, calling for action by appealing to the patriotic emotions of the Chinese citizens. A lot of propaganda techniques are also used such as name-calling the protestors as “rioters” and simplification of the issue by portraying protestors as blood thirsty young people that want independence. Card stacking is also a very common technique used by both sides to form the general narrative. A lot of the non-literary features are present in the comment sections of articles, where two sides are likely to argue intensely with each other.


The reading I have done greatly relates to the concept of ideology between two sides clashing. The context behind the beliefs and values of each side is different and the target audience of the articles influence how they are written and what the contents are.

December 13, 2017

How can I be wrong?

What was going on in my head during the exam?

I tried my best and my best was alright

How did I do in the second round?

I didn’t know if you were supposed to just copy the mark scheme so I tried to infer some of the ideas but they might not have gone across clearly.

What would i take forward?

I understand more about what the examiner wanted from my writing. I still need to work on my sentence structures.

October 12, 2017

Grapes of Wrath Classic Read

Grapes of Wrath First Edition Cover

The classic book our group read was Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. This is the video of our discussion.

We didn’t really have any good ideas and Dragan said to do Grapes of Wrath, since he already had a copy of the book.I have read Of Mice and Men and The Pearl both by John Steinbeck before so I expected something of the same vibe. Such as things about the american dream and like the tough life of people in the lower class. I also expected a lot of Christianity references. I think I got what I expected. I think this book had a lot more realism. To be honest, it was sort of depressing. I think I learned a lot from this book about the history of America during the Great Depression. Mainly about the lives people when through and the harsh conditions which you can’t control in life. Steinbeck sort of taught a history lesson with the chapters in between the story about the general background of the setting of the story.

I don’t know what I will read for my next book.

August 27, 2017

GPers Environment Unit Essential Questions

Essential Questions

  • What is the environment?
    • The environment is the things around us. Both natural and artificial. Environment can also be other people that interacts with us and influences us. Anything around us can be defined by environment from lakes and trees to our friends and teachers.
  • Why are some environmental issues more attractive than others?
    • Some environmental issues are more attractive because it affects people directly or will affect people proven by scientists.
  • How do environmental attitudes vary and change?(Are we (humans) deliberatively destructive?)
    • Animals are naturally destructive even if it isn’t deliberate. Animals eat other animals or plants. If you release 10,000 goats onto a small patch of land, it will destroy the grass. Humans are no exception. Population growth causes need for more resources than ever, and to obtain these resources we may destroy the environment since there is no time to prepare. In third world countries, people cannot afford to be nice to the environment as each and every resource is crucial to their survival. However, in first world countries, though demand is high, resources are not as essential and we can take a step back and try to protect the environment to insure the survival of our future.
  • Where do our environmental values come from? (Do humans have the right to use the environment and other species for their own needs, as some faiths suggest? Do we have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations?)
    • Environmental values come from our needs. Animals have the right to use the environment. Survival of the fittest is what nature results in. Currently humans are at the top of the food chain. This give us rights to use the land however we want. However, owning rights to the land also places responsibility for the wellbeing of the environment on us as well. To protect future generations and other animals, we have to protect the environment so that it is a livable environment.

August 22, 2017

First Post

This is my first post. Connection is very slow because everyone is using the website at the same time. I am testing the text function and the media function. Here is a picture.

August 16, 2017
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