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I don’t have an opinion on this topic yet so I will list the pros and cons of some countries decisions for language.

France government decides everyone must speak the official french and doesn’t recognise other dialects as official languages.


If everyone spoke the same language as France was trying to establish then the country would be more united in their ability to communicate with one other.


In France children who tried to speak Occitan at school would be physically beaten. Excludes the native speakers to have one language. Individuality comes from having different accents


Dialects aren’t that different from the official is what some government officials think.


The people who speak the dialects that are excluded identities isn’t shown properly as our attachment to our language is about emotion and identity is about feeling.

Some other things are different languages have different genders attached to word because of the masculine and feminine attachments. For example someone german would describe a bridge as fragile and beautiful as they are female is german, while someone Spanish would describe a bridge as strong and handsome as they are masculine in that language

Random things

  1. Yiddish is known as a funny language.
  2. If there wasn’t a word for something would the word not exist.
  3. Language and cuisine are highly correlate in basse.
  4. people invent word if necessary
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    Since you don’t really don’t have an opinion I think that all the points you have given for both sides of what is including and excluding is valid and explains the different situations. I agree that dialects aren’t that different because it could very similar and it could be only some words don’t sound the same but each come with a sense of identity. I feel if you talk and people understand you that’s good enough. 🙂

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