My B1 Journey

1 word describing emotions


1 photo for something i learned

Here are onion cells we looked at through a microscope

1 thing that relates to future life

Being a scientist would be cool, also I’m  hungry and want lunch, and I’m annoyed that i don’t get to sit in my ordinary seat.


Elodea Cells and Cheek cells


Bromine and Starch Lab


Potato Lab

I watched a video, i did a lab, then animations, then I did a test and then some quizlet. And I did some osmoisis notes in my book.

I did the potato lab again because last time I forgot to measure the weights of the potatoes. I made a graph to show “concentration of salt solution vs change in mass”

  • Why do you think osmosis is an important process when considering the roots of a plant?
  • Because it explains why root hair don’t absorb dirt and only absorb water.
  • Note 1 thing that could be confusing when reviewing this lesson’s content.
  • Difference between Hypotonic and Hypertonic
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