The Top 6 Tips from Steve Dawson for Interviews

The top tips that Steve Dawson gave about interviewing people were these tips.

Set the answer free. Don’t set unnecessary parameters for the question. “How does it feel..” is the best question to ask because of the many ways it can be answered.

Ask open ended questions. Provide a challenge for your interviewees for them to answer.

Don’t interrupt. This interview is about them not you.

Be a single shooter, don’t ask double barrel questions. The second question is only answered.

Listen to the answers you’re given. Even if you have a voice recorder! You’ll miss opportunities for new information if you only read off a list of questions.

Don’t be a fanboy. Talk to your interviewee as if you are on equal grounds.

What tip do you think was the best out of these 6 top tips?


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    Which tip was your favorite? How similar or different are your impressions of the focus speaker to specific blogs? To what extent does writing (in its different forms) generalize individual experience?

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    Be a single shooter

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