Contradictory Feelings toward characters in Macbeth

Analyse the ways in which Shakespeare evokes contradictory feeling towards his characters Captain speaks of “Brave Macbeth- Well he deserves that name.” Fighting in battle against traitors. This presents the audience a persona of a manly bold Macbeth without Macbeth even entering the stage. On the contrary though, Lady Macbeth questions whether Macbeth is a […]

Macbeth difference between direct and indirect characterisation

Differentiate between direct and indirect characterisation Shakespeare uses in order to construct his characters In Act 1 of “Macbeth,” Shakespeare uses indirect characterisation to construct the protagonist Macbeth. The wounded Captain sings praises of Macbeth to King Duncan of how “…with his brandished steel/ Which smoked with bloody execution/ Like Valour’s minion carved out his […]