Personal Statement Kamila

I see myself as a creative and innovative individual.  It is more than thinking outside of the box, in truth I never see the box in the first place. By this, I mean, I look at the world and see endless possibilities. This may well be the product of the fortunate and varied life I have lived so far. I was born in Hong Kong I lived in Singapore for most of my life but my influence nationality wise are Canadian. For careers I’m cool with going with the flow as many jobs are going to be created by the time I get to the job market so there are opportunities I can’t even imagine yet so whats the point of being fixated on one thing. But the general areas of interest so far have been math, geography, science, and art. All but the latter have been introduced to me as an option from school as I discovered there that I’m excelling in them. For art though its something thats been there since I was young. An ideal job would be geography, since I can do both math and science with it, but for it to be ideal I would want with a side hobby that I can make a small bit of money with through commissions. Art wouldn’t be the main because the economy is fluctuating and people underpay unless you are super famous. Geography would be a more secure job for money but whats to stop me from doing both.

This interest that I have that explains me best is art. Since I was young, I made art with my Dad sparking an interest in it from a young age. It wasn’t till the beginning of Middle School that I started developing my own personal art and style. At the end of Middle School I started posting art. Over time I posted more frequently going from once to twice a day. The sort of art I want to do in the future is animatics for music videos or personal things, so far the most I’ve done for enacting that is to borrow my brothers tablet and join the digital art club. I have art class in school, that’s when I experiment with mediums I can’t access easily, like spray paint, to try discover new art styles for myself. I want to try make a story with my art this may be something animated, a comic, or just a series of related illustrations. I want to make a name for myself and have loads of people see my art. This will help with when I eventually do art commissions for people, but in order to do this I need to get a larger following than 170 followers. I also need to organise commission templates and sign up for something so people can send me money digitally. But if it ends up being too much trouble to do that for a while, I can make my own merchandise and stickers with redbubble or something. I also want to improve my personal art style in a whole bunch of ways, so far I’ve mainly been branching out with watercolour. I really just want do my thing in the artist industry and be paid ridiculous amounts of money. When I have an interest I enjoy a lot I can really get the ball rolling and do things with it so long as I don’t lose interest.

I play sport as a way of getting out all the energy i have stored in me because otherwise it comes off in a wave of emotion so it improves my mood to do sports. I think this awareness is useful so I can understand my limits and what I need personally in order to thrive. In Middle School I understood this very well and I did a sport after school every weekday. Now that I’m in my first year of High School I don’t do as many sports but that was because I wanted to figure out a balance with homework before piling on more activities. Next year I plan on joining some more sports. In the past I have done touch rugby, swimming, volleyball, aerial troupe, circus, and rock climbing. So far this year I’ve only done swimming and circus but next year I plan on doing volleyball as well. 

I live by the ocean and like it a whole lot and want to protect it in its wild state. It also fun to watch videos about sharks and the different evolutionarily different creatures.

I play the ukulele and I’m self-taught. I’ve been playing it since the beginning of Middle School. It’s easy to learn through sheet music, chord papers, and videos. Its a nice way to connect with people because during campfires on trips for example my Grade 9 trip when we were sitting around the fire that I built, I built it because I wanted one it was a very independent trip, I was able to borrow a teachers ukulele and play it as well as teach others. It impacts my music taste because I listen to a lot of ukulele music because it inspires me to learn how to play it so my music taste is sort of a soft cronch.

But this all is only the tip of the iceberg for all the interests I have! I’m also in a bunch of fandoms, listen to tons of podcasts, love reading, and I haven’t even described my sports in detail. I have never felt limited in choosing just one interest or hobby and instead try to do as many as possible or rotate between them so as not to get burnt out. This makes me very flexible and I can pick up new skills quickly.

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