Narcissus & Echo

the presentation by lauren weaver

The story of ‘Narcissus and Echo’ has been retold as many books were made of it. Art pieces were made of showing the story visually. Narcissuses name is used to name a disorder that has elements that allude to the story in it.

The word narcissism originates from the story and its been adapted to modern culture as we are more narcissistic than ever with social media and selfies. Affects language as the characters in the story names are both used as words in modern day english. In modern culture the characters names are used to name things such as businesses or products. Flowers have also been named after the characters.

I think when it has been revised it has been either due to artistic choice, or making it child friendly for children who hear the myth. The names have been used frequently to title things as most people don’t know the myth but rather the modern english word.


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