Doll House Ibsen Quote

To what extent are Ibsens words still true today? provide real life examples in your response

In Ibsen’s quote, in the exert “judicial system judges feminine conduct from a masculine point of view,” I believe it still lives on in the modern day. An example of this is rape culture, rape culture is the law saying when a women is raped that she was asking for it or shouldn’t have worn that or anything that can paint the women as anything but the victim due to the victim blaming. This is the judicial system judging how a women presents herself from a masculine point of view and twisting what happened due to the lack of female perspective on the matter.

In the exert, “a women cannot be herself in the society of the present day, which is an exclusively masculine society,” this makes me think of how women either act feminine and are put down by society as being ditzy, dumb or acting girly. And how any female traits such as being emotional or crying are cast as bad and not manly enough. Some young girls become tomboys because they dont want to be weak “like a girl” due to how society has taught her to think of herself so she only surrounds herself with masculine traits. Some girls really are tomboys but they are seen as it just being a phase.These are just some thoughts I’ve found overtime.

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