Emotional Intelligence Reflection

So in PSE at the moment we have been learning about what emotional intelligence is and what are signs of having high and low emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is very important for succeeding in life and has found to be what impacts your success, along with your IQ. We have reflected on our selves and these are the goals ive set that wil help me have a higher emotional intelligence.

This year, I would like to develop the skill/quality of emotional regulation. This is important to me because when I have poor emotional regulation my emotions peak and I can’t think properly. This will help me control my emotions when I am arguing with someone and not escalating a small situation. This will help others feel more at peace if I don’t impact their emotions by forcing mine on them. 

I dislike my resistance to change and how I can not be flexible sometimes. I see this in myself when am resistant to things that happen around me and try deny whats happening to regain control. This bothers me because I need to be more flexible in order to work with others. I can overcome this by remembering to be flexinble and finding strategies online.

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