PSE optimism reflection

My level of optimism is quite high already. I understand that in the grand scheme of things in life that it is okay to fail and that in the end we can just learn from our mistakes. Even if we fail all our end exams we can still get a job and live a happy life. Even if we don’t get our dream job or a big impressive job what really matters in life is the bonds we make with other people and the connections we make. I have done all I can and even if I have done nothing to study its fine because it’s just one test. I only get less optimistic when I’m anxious before entering new situations i haven’t been before, like going somewhere i haven’t been or meeting someone new as its harder to remember that when you dont understand the situation as well since its the first time so it’s harder to be optimistic as I don’t know what success and failure look like in these situations. I generally get over this by planning my actions so that way I wont forget what i need to do and have less time to think about my feelings and more time to think logically about my actions. I just dont thinks theres really any point in being pessimistic, all your doing is stressing over something that will happen whether or not you want it too. Just accept the little wonders in life and let the horrible stuff wash over you. I don’t think i really need to improve my level of optimism I think I just need to show it more because if you say the way I acted you might think I was a pessimist. Or maybe I’m at that stage of nihilism where its nothing matter so fill in the blank spaces with anything that gives you joy. I still think I’m an optimist though.

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