CAS reflection #3 circus LO2

Videos of circus for reflection 3:

In circus I have been working on improving my skills with poi and barrel. I have been working with learning to do reel turns smoothly, doing my butterflies without hitting the poi together and also trying poi over my head, as well as poi under my leg with my non-dominant arm so that way I can practice upgrading my weaving under the leg to weaving under the leg with both arms as I could only do it with one arm before. I’ve also been trying backwards cross a bit but I don’t like doing it much as usually the only place i can hit myself super hard is my shins but when I’m doing it backwards that place turns into my face and thats scary and hurts a lot to be hit at high speed.

Since we have a performance soon I haven’t been actively trying to find new tricks to learn besides reel turns as we have a performance coming up and we need to refine what we have instead of learning a lot of new things we have shallow knowledge. After the performance I’m going to try look on youtube for new skills I can try learn. I have also tried to learn a new trick on the barrel which I’ve never done before, turning around. Which is really hard and scary because I have to learn a new grip and balance. I haven’t progressed enough with it to use in a performance yet but I’ve done it a few times without support so far so thats good.

My usually deal for learning to do scary and new things is just practice and drill it until I’m comfortable. For the performance coming up I need to make a routine, and so far the performances I have gotten involved with is the diablo by standing on my barrel sideways and holding the hoop for them to try shoot the diablo through. Which is pretty fine despite the risk of being hit in the back of the head so I told them to warn me if it looks like its gonna hit me in the head. I hope I can fit in my routine where I do poi over someones head somewhere.

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