ELP: Medea HL essay breakdown

I listed out the points i was going to cover in my HL essay on a whiteboard as seen below.

Then I used an A3 piece of paper to break it down into the style of my graphic organiser and figured out in the corner the order of my essay.

My planned order is

Intro to question is medea a victim or villain?, explain medeas history and how she was victimised by jason, then her crimes and how she was a villain and did a lot of murder, then her personality and how she is manipulative and vengeful, then psychoanalyse her trauma and how she is the person she is because of it as well as her being a victim of her time where she has little power as a women so she has to manipulate, then cover how the devices used and it being a greek tragedy and how jason is actually the victim to medea as a the villain, then cover how medea is actually a victim of society due to it being civilised society and the values greece held then and her having too much excess of emotions and violence making her unable to fit with society and doomed to this no matter what with the sun at the end symbolising that the gods r not on the side of civilised society, and then ending with how this story is feminist and empowering for woman all the way back then with a morally gray woman and how this story was ahead of its time.

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