LO3 – Animation Club

In ANIMATE club, every week I’ve been coming in and animating a small few second clip video. I have made a few different animation. I have to independently plan and come up with my own ideas for what I want to animate and find references and videos to learn skills that I can use when animating in my free time. I had to change my plans depending on how long the animation will take to make. My first two animations were done in the same session since they were more small scale. But as my skills progressed and I got more ambitious in my plans my animations took longer. With the third taking a whole session, and the fourth taking multiple sessions due to its difficulty. The fifth isn’t even finished yet as I have more plans and details I want to add to it. As I complicate my plans and ideas more I have to be more efficient at using my time as I only have so much access to the iPads.

this was my first animation an orb of gloop falling apart.

this was my second animation I was trying to add a detail to a drawing I did quickly by having gloop come off the knife

the next animation i did i used a mirroring effect. I drew the paths across the page first then I animated each fish one at a time.

this is a walk cycle I animated of my original character Xander. I used a reference photo of a walk cycle and used it to draw the keyframes.

this is a ghost flying around Clara. I first painted her in grey scale after spending the day developing her character design. She’s a character from the video game pathologic but I had to draw her in my own style and format her.

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