LO6, LO7 – Why is equality such an important issue?

Equality isn’t as important to me as equity is.

Equality is important but it doesn’t support those who truly need help. If equality is giving everyone the same rights, well not everyone is going to need the same rights. An abled person isn’t going to need rights that protect them in the workplace and support them financially. A cis-het person isn’t going to need laws that protect their right to express their gender and sexuality in the workplace and home without being evicted or fired. Different people need different laws. But equality starts everyone off as the same when really the special thing about humans is, that we aren’t the same and we have different strengths and weakness and need laws to protect our rights in different ways. Equity is when everyone has access to the same equal human rights, no matter how diverse or different they are, they will be covered and protected by the laws.

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