LO6 – Equality Focus Group

What did I learn about this issue?

After many years spent in Equality Focus Group, I eventually worked my way up to accidentally becoming the assistant chair. After an efflux of seniors, I inherited one of the roles as a leader. However I got the role, I took it with grace and stride.

With our new leadership, we successfully increased membership by creating a comfortable environment that celebrated rather than shamed the LGBTQ+ community at East.

We achieved this through organising the Pink Dot and a Speaker Series, all of which helped to spread awareness and tolerance in our community, and lead to tangible changes within our school.

Some of these included an exponential increase of attendance to our annual Pink Dot event, the updating and inclusion of LGBTQ+ relationships in PSE, and awareness stickers to generate safe spaces in classrooms. All of these were in an effort to represent the under-represented.

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