LO4 – Animation Club

I’ve been doing art on my own since I was very young. It’s my main hobby, as it is one of the only things that have not come and gone in phases. I’ve been able to sustain my interest in art for so long because my art evolves along with me. As my interests change, my art does too. I find my inspiration through my video games, social media, and daily life. These can be in the of little random squiggles on a post it, or a full media drawing.

This year, I have taken my art to the next level by joining the animation club. It signified my interest in taking my hobby to something more. In the club, I focused on committing to a design by planning each of the animations and getting feedback as I went along, rather than just speeding onto the final project. To stay motivated, I inspired myself by drawing my own original characters from a video game, Pathologic. I even used photos I took and animated them into a spinning dog-head animation. I used my art as a way for self exploration in my interests and that helped me stay intrinsically motivated to keep drawing. Relating my projects to my current interests inspires me to have new ideas and keep going with my artwork.

Also, I stay on track by sharing what I create with my art teacher and friends. This enables me to get feedback, which keeps me engaged and gives me ways to improve. When I am engaged and interested in the art I am doing, it is of much better quality, because I like what I’m doing, so the attention to detail and effort I put in increases.

A spinning dog-head, made using photos

Clara and some herbs, first background animation


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