Experiment Reflection

I think I should read the questions carefully, I have made mistakes on this point. For example, the question wanted me to say something about the action of enzymes, so I supposed to explain how enzymes work. However, I described the trend of the graph.  I need to answer questions with more specific answers, such as more accurate and more comprehensive description.

The most important thing is to review more carefully before the exam, after all, this can make me more calm and confident in the exam.

Global Perspectives: Bintan Service Trip 1 – 10FIB

What did you learn about “living in Bintan” by interviewing different stakeholders using different compass perspectives?

We learnt about “living in Bintan” through our observations using the ‘compass perspectives’ of Nature, Economy, Society and Wellbeing.  When observing the environment I noticed the locals living on the Island protect and preserve their natural resources to the best of their ability, this is because a lot of their financial gain comes from the fishing industry. Not only that, but a lot of the locals seem to be very conscious in regards to the environment like some of the individuals that we interviewed and this bodes well for Bin Tan. In terms of their well being however, many kids don’t seem to get enough food in the morning prior to school or the right amount of exercise for an entire week which could poorly impact their bodies in the future. This can be averted if the economy starts to rise and more people are able to get stable jobs because this will enable them to provide for their children.

Iven and I made a presentation focusing on the compass point of Society. We made strong points and presented well. With the language barrier, Iven and I simplified our content to make it easier to prresent and for the viewers to understand. We could have made our presentation more in order to get the point across in less time, however, we still gave the necessecary  information. The content was all relevant, the points that we had carefully selected through all of the interviews that we had conducted the day before. I believe we successfully presented this information to our classmates.

Community within sport

Sport is a big contributor to how people socialize here at the United World College South East Asia. The school offers a variety of sports, all competing at a very high level. The sport’s like swimming, football, basketball, and softball, as well as many others, all show true values of a great sporting community. In the swim team, the senior swimmers run the pre-pool(stretching, core exercising). As well as putting in and getting out the lane ropes. The team is very supportive during the hard training, and also pushes one and other to reach each student’s best potential. As a competitive athlete of 6 years, I have been on State teams, a National Team, however, the UWCSEA dragons offers a different and in my opinion better atmosphere for athletes and students to develop relationships, and build a community following a sport and sharing motivation and dreams.

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