Evolution of Media Reflection

What I learned in this assignment was that media is just a more advanced, portable version of older tools. Instead of having many tools for different things, you have one tiny device (your phone) which you carry around everywhere and have access to all your tools. This makes it much easier because you always have […]


Honestly, they should change the name from UWCSEA to U-Dub-USEA because we TAKE NO L’s!!!!!! I think the best things about this school is the teachers, so far I haven’t gotten a single boring or bad teacher that I don’t like. They all are super friendly and seem highly qualified. The swim team coaches are […]

My Summer

This summer I moved from Tokyo back to Singapore. Although it was bittersweet, now that my first week of school is almost finished I really like my new school. I spent most of my summer saying goodbye to my friends, swimming and preparing to move. Even though my summer wasn’t the most eventful, I still […]

Hello world!

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