Working on my Hobbies and Passions

Since I was in Grade 4, I have loved the subject of English and Writing in general. I have evolved into a better writer since then (obviously!) and have grown my interest in terms of what topics I like to write about. For instance, when I was younger, I had used to love to write stories related to the genre of fantasy. I think my interest built through the writing workshops we did in school. I also always seemed to be inclined towards understanding different types of poetry and loved making some myself (check out my prose poems in my previous posts and the ones I wrote under the English ELP section.) Soon enough, I started enjoying reading and taking notes, I could now easily say, I am a reader and love reading ( I don’t even cringe at the thought of it!)

As I got older, I still continued to collaborate with my friends on stories that had built out of our imaginations. Then came the essays we needed to write for school work and eventually, I took up the course of Global Perspectives in Grade 9 through which I gained amazing and important skills in developing a piece of nonfiction writing that still impacts people from the core and makes people think about the systems in place in our world today. The subject English itself continued to develop my creative thinking skills and kept inspiring me to write about raising awareness on global issues in our world today.

When I kept meeting other people who were amazing writers like some of my current friends who love to write poems and stories, they inspired me to do something about my passion for writing as well. I was encouraged to put my skill to use.  I thought the best way to do that was by trying to get some sort of my work published. I thought I could do that by writing as a contributor on a website, taking part in writing competitions such as those of NY Times (I have tried doing some of these), trying to get my writing accepted to be published in an online magazine such as Medium or the news reporter, Atlantic, or maybe by publishing a book. Many of these things seemed distant to me, as for some reason, I was not confident enough in myself that I could actually achieve any of these things.

My first step towards coming closer to this goal was to make a blog for myself. However, I did not need to that as soon enough, we got our own through school. This one! I put a lot of effort into my work here, and I am currently working on improving my website’s appearance, readership, and generating better content.

My second step was to get published on websites, and I am so glad to be able to say that I have finally managed to be able to do so. I am currently starting to write articles for a website created by High School Students in Singapore which stands against all types of discrimination. I have also been accepted for the position of the Blog Writer at another website created by High School Students in Singapore and the website’s goal is to provide help to other IGCSE Students. 

Perhaps, in the future, I would love to write for my school, UWC as well. For instance, maybe something in the magazine, ebrief, etc. A good way to do that would be by improving my Writer’s Fortnight Articles moving further as school begins.

Lastly, this summer I have finally been able to start another project for my passion of writing with one of my friends, however, I would prefer to announce that later on this year, when it comes more to life. I think what makes me even more excited is that I get to go through this amazing process with a friend!

That is about it on my little life update and where I am at this point in time!

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