With technology developing and improving at such a rapid pace, AI (artificial intelligence) now has many capabilities which can both be an advantage and disadvantage. Using special effects, AI is becoming capable of creating realistic clips of humans. This technology can be used to create movies with actors who are no longer alive. While this can be beneficial for having legendary actors and actresses in recent films, however, it can also create fewer opportunities for new emerging actors. Not only does this reduce job opportunities but can also be used in order to manufacture false evidence. For example, a Belgian political party created a fake video of Donald Trump saying unlikely things about Belgium’s climate policy. Personally, I believe that this new technology can be used and further developed to produce incredible things but only if it’s used in the right hands and with good reason. I’ve noticed that with the development of technology that people who have access to it can become tempted to use it for their own benefit. Therefore, I believe that this technology can grow to create wonderful things and that it should continue to be developed but only if the people who use it are responsible and respectful of the technology and others.

Should AI be encouraged to “immortalise” actors?

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