Swimming with Hougang Care Center Final Reflection

(LO 6 Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance)

Time flashes, we are approaching the end of this service. Over the year, our members had quite a good time. From basketball to volleyball, from Zumba to boxing, both the members and students were enjoying the sessions with harmony. Friendships are established among the students, among the members and between the students and the members. No matter the weather condition is good or bad, there are always around 10 of them who come every day. Most of those core members enjoy either playing balls or chill in the water. Some of the students always chat with the members chilling in the water by the side to make sure they are not left out. Misha and I always invite those who would like to play with us.

Though almost a year of interaction, we are already quite familiar with the members. We all have a general understanding of their conditions, hobbies, personalities. In this way, we can offer extra care to them so that they would have a better experience. All of us work in unanimity to achieve our common goal. The students work cohesively and our supervisors were really responsible for helping and guiding us on the way. Giving always feel better than taking. I feel really honored and satisfied by returning the welfare that society has provided me back to itself with the efforts of the whole team. Swimming with Hougang Care Center is one of the most meaningful services I have done and it will have a long-lasting influence on me.

Pictures: The venue of the service — Infant pool; and our equipment.


One thought on “Swimming with Hougang Care Center Final Reflection

  1. In what ways have I been successful during this experience?
    I have always been taken an active part in the service on a consistent basis and actually had a lot of fun in doing this service.

    How has this service change your perspective?
    I used to think of service as something tiring and not enjoyable. But after this experience, I found out it is really fun to help out others because the more you commit for people in need, the more sense of accomplishment you will feel and the more happiness you will have.

    How did your actions shape this outcome?
    By interacting with the members frequently especially in playing balls with them, I ensured that they both have a good time and had some exercise. Therefore, we’ve got a lot of returners to play balls with us again.

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