Personal Statement

My name is Kai Harrington. My goals are to be a student. I am transitioning into my last two years of high school. This means that by now I should be proficient enough in the skills of Self management, Communication and Collaboration. I have been in the school system since 4 years old and have attended school since age 6. To be a student is to not just exist in the school system, being a student is participating with the school system. This is my goal. After high school, once I graduate, college and university is another 4 years of the school system. I have already begun my first interactions with the university/college process (s) and I’m actively engaged in ensuring I consistently meet criteria and deadline required by the college/university processes.

This paragraph is used for describing what has led me to my goals. The prompt said “show don’t tell”.  My take on this is that it is a reminder to keep the following writings in mind. The reasons behind me choosing the goal participating in the school system is because in the past I have been solely present in the school system not participating. Despite the negatives that occured due to my inactive school career, it has proved valuable due to the lessons learned from the experience of being a dissatisfactory student. The most glaring lesson is that in order to be a student, an individual must participate in the school system. I have been wasting the leading portion of the opportunity that has been presented to me through the form of school and all of it’s processes. The experiences that have led me to my current goals have been my failures. I also recognise that in this includes failures to meet goals that I have set in the past. This leads to the question: What’s different this time?

My plans to meet this goal is to be interact and be active in all aspects of the UWCSEA education curriculum. The UWCSEA learning profile is made up of 5 principles: academics, activities, outdoor education, service and personal and social education. The UWCSEA learners profile also includes skills and values. Reviewing progress on the skills and qualities accentuated at this school is an action that I believe will prove valuable. In particular I will reflect on progress of the skills self management and critical thinking; and the quality of self awareness. This progress reflection is essential for students in UWCSEA. UWCSEA’s strategy and subsequent areas of focus; peace and a sustainable future, a united community, it’s strength and capacity and education as a force; are points to keep in mind as I actively participate with the school system. Being an active participant means first meeting expectations and than exceeding them. This means that deadlines must be met. The grade results of assignments must also reach standard. This requires daily action towards active assignments and the future assignments, most notably exams.

I am prepared for these steps. step





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