Digital Perspective Challenge Podcast :

My partner (Anda Gu) and I have decided to try screen free breakfast, lunch, and dinner challenge for 5 days. This podcast is based on the 4 threads we selected, which are

1.How did your challenge remind you of the 16 things to stop doing? Which one in particular and why?

2.What do you notice about active vs passive screen time?

3.How did your experience with the challenge confirm or reject any of the findings here?

4.Do you control your technology or does your technology control you?

Digital Perspectives Challenge Podcast

by Daniel & Anda | Screen Free Challenge Podcast


The link to all the articles we used for the threat selection are below.

Thread 1 – article about things we should stop doing

Thread 2 – article comparing active and passive screen time

Thread 3 – article showing that teens prefer texting rather than talking

Link to the post including intro/outro music, as well as recording planner and screenshot of the calendar reminders.

Link to the audio partner agreement : This was very helpful since we got to know what each other’s personality is like based on the personality test

Link to the first podcast review post : By listening to other’s podcast about similar topic (teen’s screen use), I fully understood what the podcast should include, such as pre-intro bumper, intro, and etc.This podcast also motivated me to try screen free challenge since I wanted to experience a life without social media/phone.

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