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The One Mistake I Made due to an Error in Calculation

I make bad decisions on a daily basis, however, one of the most common bad decisions I have made is similar to the one about the lottery. When a child goes to a carnival or even a mall, aren’t they… Continue Reading →

Culturama Reflection 1  

Local Service Reflection 1  

TOK –> Homework on Mathematical Method

The mathematical method is an interesting one. One that is not as easily understood, by me, as the scientific method. However, I will try my best to express learnings. First I would like to begin with why the mathematical method… Continue Reading →

Growth Mindset in my Subjects

  I think that my mindset definitely differs in English and in physics, in comparison to maths and geography. When I go into geography and maths, I know that I am going to enjoy them. However in Physics, my test result… Continue Reading →

Welcome to CAS!

My thoughts on Mathematics

Date: 16 August 2018 My name is Anushka Maganti, and I have been in UWCSEA for the last two years, so I have done the IGCSE maths programme here at the school. I have a sort of love, hate relationship… Continue Reading →

Internship; Last Reflection

Industry: Pedagogy/Physics Name of Company: Advanced Pedagogy. Contact Person: Benson Soong. ( 1. I think that I’ve said this many many times while working here, but I honestly expected to do data logging in excel or some other boring job… Continue Reading →

Internship; First Reflection

June 14, 2018   I have just completed the first week of my internship and I realised that I hadn’t set any goals or aims to work towards while I will be there. Here are two goals that I would… Continue Reading →

Environmental Spectrum

While learning about the environmental spectrum, we were asked to classify what kind of view each of us has. I think that I have an ecocentric point of view however, I do agree some points that technocentric people make, that some… Continue Reading →

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