Looking at the Ethics and Impact on the Audience

Date: October 10th 2018 Learning Outcomes: LO7 – Recognise and consider the ethical implications of choices and actions.   As we pass the halfway point and begin the last forty days of the production process, I feel it is important to reflect upon some of the difficulties we have faced. Specifically, I would like to discuss the responsibility we … [Read more…]

Initial Thoughts – Collaboration – New Skills

Date: October 4th 2018 Learning Outcomes: LO5 – Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively.   I wanted to be in this production because I felt that I was doing a disservice to my commitment to drama if I did not participate in a production. What I mean by this is that seeing as … [Read more…]

Reflection and SMART Goal

Over the last few lessons in PSE, I have discovered some interesting things about myself that I have not specifically tried to pinpoint before. I have begun to understand myself more in terms of how I work and interact with people through awareness of my working habits – including the roles I tend to embody … [Read more…]

Who was to Blame for the Slave Trade?

The most obvious answer is the European colonials, who bought and transported around 12 million Africans over four centuries. It is estimated that one million to two million probably died during this crossing of the Atlantic. However, Africans had practised slavery for hundreds of years before the Europeans got there. During that period, most slaves … [Read more…]

Bioaccumulation: The Impact on Birds and Otters

The Bioaccumulation of Mercury By John Brennan In his article, John Brennan discusses the impact biomagnification of mercury within bodies of water in temperate forests has on birds and otters. Link: https://sciencing.com/examples-bioaccumulation-mercury-4581.html Fish-eating birds are a common example of the bioaccumulation of mercury. Birds such as osprey, herons, loons, and certain eagles eat freshwater fish. These … [Read more…]