• English
  • Gordon Parks Picture Analysis

    This photo by Gordon Parks shows an interesting perspective on what it was like to be a person of colour in the time. The people in the photo are behind glass looking into a clothing display, suggesting they are  outsiders, or that they are ‘different’, which shows the segregation between the whites and the blacks. […]

  • English
  • The Help Cover Analysis

    This cover version of The Help is one that I feel people would have to think deeply about in order to understand its significance. At first glance, the most prominent aspect of the cover is the title, which of course is what the author would be aiming for in order The colour scheme may be […]

  • CAS
  • LO 2: Challenges and New Skills

    LO 2 CHALLENGE (Undertaken new challenges)/NEW SKILLS (Developing new skills) In ballet, there have been a number of challenges I have had to face. Ballet is a very demanding activity both physically and mentally because it has required me to be driven to keep working even when I am physically exhausted or unmotivated. Working towards […]

  • PSE
  • Waterline of Visibility and my Identity (PSE)

    The waterline of visibility provides interesting ideas about our identity and how we are perceived. I think especially in an international school where we are a mix of many different races and nationalities, it is easy to make assumptions on people’s intelligence level, sports ability, and even personality simply based on how we look externally. […]

  • CAS
  • CAS Initial Thoughts

    I am quite excited to start doing CAS work because it will enable me to document all the activities and service I complete, and I will be able to look back after finishing the IB and see all the work I did to make sure I did my best in all my activities. I am […]