Is Language a way of Communication?

What does our language say about us and our culture?


Through the use of language, there are many forms of expressing ourselves. We can include people as well as disclude people, which are Linguistic Convergence and Linguistic Divergence respectively. We may use language to provide context to a situation and therefore creating a lot of meaning towards a certain event or situation which provokes people in certain ways; whether it may be feelings, thoughts, or actions. In the Key & Peele Video that I watched of them mimicking Obama, I noticed that ‘Obama’ was speaking differently with the whites and the blacks. This phenomenon is called code-switching. ‘Obama’ used linguistic convergence to include and feel comfortable with the blacks but in a way also used linguistic divergence to disclude the whites by just being friendly but not ever so family-like. I think this says a lot about different cultures. First of all, that racism is slowly depleting which is a good thing. Second of all, particular cultures have different argots which are simply specialized vocabulary pertaining towards that culture or group. For example, when ‘Obama’ was talking to the blacks, he used phrases like “What’s up Fam”, or “Tuck it In” which probably are quite alien to other races. All in all, using language, particularly argots, grow certain cultures but also disclude others. However, this creates a sense of familiarity and comfort within communities and cultures.

Women’s rights

“A woman cannot be herself in the society of the present day, which is an exclusively masculine society, with laws framed by men and with a judicial system that judges feminine conduct from a masculine point of view.”

To what extent are Ibsen’s words still true today? What can we, as UWC students, create a more egalitarian world? Provide real life examples in your response.


I believe it still is happening today in countries like Iran, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East. Women are barred their rights. In Iran, Under Article 1117 of the Iranian Civil Code, a man can ban his wife from working if he believes that it can damage his own dignity simply showing that the law is framed and judged to benefit a man, the use of the word ‘dignity’ connotates that the women is in less authority of  the man and that she is the one who brings shame to the family. Furthermore, in Iran, they do not allow women to simply watch sports matches security stationed at the stadiums for the sole purpose of keeping them out. This really highlights the discrimination women receive, it is a simple sports match which does nothing but gives entertainment for people and women are banned from going. Although women still face discrimination, there have been improvements especially in the politics side of things. In the 20the century, there have been many notable female politicians like Angela Merkel and Hilary Clinton which have emerged and made a bold movement for their rights and even running for high positions in the government. Angela Merkel is currently the chancellor aka the prime minister of Germany and Hilary Clinton made it all the way to the grand final stage of the presidential run, running against Donald Trump really showing the change and improvement of women’s rights in other parts of the world. Women are allowed to be in the government, allowed to express themselves freely in more liberal countries like the USA, UK, Germany etc.

With all this information, we cannot just sit here and learn it, action has to be taken. Our voice must be heard. Everyone’s voice must be heard no matter race, gender or sexuality. We can keep making videos and campaigns, displaying all these bad statistics but no will really listen until they really experience it first hand and that’s really where the real understanding happens to a better, more diverse world.

Sky School

It’s been great. A good first session back. Really glad to be back in Sky School which is now considered a GC rather than just a college service. I came back as I joined last year and I never just quit and always finish what I start. I really hope this trail prototype of the Sky School platform works out as it would the give a lot more refugees who are in dire need of education a chance, a new hope to restart their life and do good. Fundraising would be hard at the start but if we get the ball rolling, it becomes a lot easier. Our ideas for that was a bake sale, very low cost and very little effort, just need to bake the food and it seems to be quite successful in our school. Furthermore, we could get the school to post in Ebrief to see the interest in parents, students, families would be willing to sponsor a child for the prototype which would be $200 per child so they feel like they have made more of a difference. Hope all this goes well!

Green Gecko Global Concern

In grade 9, it was my 3rd year in the Green Gecko GC. After going on the Service trip in grade 7, I fell in love with the GC. I went on this service trip twice, another time in grade 8. Being able to play with the kids in Siem Reap at the Green Gecko facility, nurturing them, teaching them, learning with them, it really made me realise how fortunate I am to be going to this school and to have all these valuable things I poses like a proper home, food, water, technology and great friends.


Knowing that I am a pretty experienced member, I aimed for a pretty high position in the GC. The 1st year I was just a regular member, the 2nd year I was a liaison and the 3rd year I wanted to become either the vice chair or chair as I thought I could use my experience in the GC and expertise from past experiences to drive the GC into a very motivated, passionate and fulfilling one. We had to pitch our reasons why we should be chosen in front of the whole GC and ever since I was young, I was never a very courageous presenter, but through the years, I gained a lot of confidence and managed to present my pitch well enough to get the Vice Chair role.

I was extremely thrilled and ecstatic as now I could finally show the leadership skills I have been honing the past years and allow this GC to maximise its potential.


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