Episode Forty – Mental Health Amongst Teenagers

In this episode of Ears of East we explore the various factors that contribute to declining mental health among teenagers in our community. As part of our discussion, we talk with Ms. Marie-Anne Glavan, one of our school counselors, and Mr. Lucas Wayne a psychology teacher to gain a better insight into the root cause of the issue. We hope you enjoy this important episode.

Teen depression
A decade of influence in the Singapore youth mental health landscape: the Community Health Assessment Team
Mental health of adolescents

Episode Thirty Nine – Is The IB Too Westernised?

In this episode of Ears of East we explore the IB Diploma Programme and pose the question as to whether or not the IB is too influenced by Western culture and ways of thinking. As part of the discussion we talk with the IB diploma coordinator at UWCSEA East, Ms Gemma Dawson. She. offered us really insightful and experienced points of view about how the IB curriculum works and the context behind the curriculum. We also hear from current IB students on their perspectives of their IB subjects. Hope you will enjoy this episode!

A comparative study of international mindedness in the IB Diploma Programme inAustralia, China and India
Do International Baccalaureate programs internationalise or globalise?
Advocating for Culturally Responsive Practices in the IB DiplomaProgramme
Legitimacy, power, and aesthetics, in the International Baccalaureate

Bonus Episode – Interview on SDG Summit

Today, we interviewed Jeenaev (G11), who was invited as a Youth Delegate for the United Nations SDG summit in September. We speak to him about the coolest experience he had (meeting Natalie Portman), the differences between MUN and the UN, his own love for sustainable financing as a topic, and what he learned from the experience. Enjoy!

SDG Action Weekend
5 takeaways from INFF events at the SDG Action Weekend
UN Sustainable Development Goals in spotlight at General Assembly
As leaders convene, the UN pushes toward its crucial global goals. But progress is lagging
The SDG Stimulus – a High Impact Initiative to deliver financing at scale to rescue the SDGs

Episode Thirty Eight – Who Wants To Go To A Good College Anyway?

Episode description:
In this episode by Ears of East, we are joined by Alex Feinson, one of the UACs here at UWCSEA East, to discuss what exactly defines a ‘good’ college, and the pressure on high schoolers to go to these ‘good’ colleges. Listen to better understand the emphasis on college rankings, the role of parents in the college application process, and the factors that we should be considering when we find a college that’s a good fit for us.

A ‘fit’ over rankings – why college engagement matters more than selectivity

Episode Thirty Seven – Is AI Taking Over Education?

In this episode of Ears of East, we discuss the upcoming and growing world of artificial intelligence in education. We speak with Mr Damian Bacchoo, the high school principal about the policies and guidelines our school has for AI as well as future plans that IB and our school have to work together with AI in order to benefit education. Mr Bacchoo provides valuable insight into the decisions made by teachers and educators on how to keep the use of AI moral and beneficial.

Show Notes:
AI and Academic Integrity at UWCSEA
European New School of Digital Technologies AI in Exam Policy
Why I’m Not Worried About My Students Using ChatGPT
Regulating ChatGPT and other Large Generative AI Models

Episode Thirty Six – Do we value the UWCSEA mission and values?

Even in a world where many schools have (often predictable) missions, values and educational goals, UWC seems to take theirs unusually seriously. For one, few schools claim to be a “movement.” UWC commissioned a 300-page report from the Harvard Education Graduate school to evaluate its education, experience, mission and impact. We dig into UWC’s mission and interview Mr Alchin, head of UWCSEA, to discuss how the UWC’s claims, assertions and ambition interact with UWCSEA’s own. An important episode for all stakeholders of the UWCSEA community.

Harvard Impact Study

Episode Thirty Five – Was The 2022 World Cup a Step Back for Human Rights?

In this episode of Ears of East, we discuss the 2022 Fifa World Cup held in Qatar – specifically, the several human rights abuses that took place in the process. From the treatment of foreign workers to the suppression of LGBTQ+ activism, we explore whether this event was a step back for human rights. We speak with Mr Sharry, who teaches human rights in CPERS and used to live in Qatar, providing valuable insight to our discussion. Listen to find out more about this controversial matter and feel free to continue the conversation in the comments below.

Show Notes:
World Cup 2022: How has Qatar treated foreign workers?
Qatar: Rights Abuses Stain FIFA World Cup
Qatar: Six things you need to know about the hosts of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Episode Thirty Four – Capital Punishment in Singapore

In this episode of Ears of East, we discuss Singapore’s continuous use of capital punishment for drug trafficking. Despite the opposition from the greater international community, Singapore continues to defy this global tendency to abolish it. This discussion will provide you with different perspectives and a case study of Nagaenthran Dharmalingam which is a manifestation of this issue. Listen to find out more about the implications of Singapore’s embracement of capital punishment for drug trafficking.

Findings from Recent Studies on the Death Penalty in Singapore
Singapore: Abhorrent hangings must end as man with intellectual disability executed
Death penalty for drug trafficking is in Singaporeans’ interest: Shanmugam

Episode Thirty Three – Service at UWCSEA: Who is it for?

Episode description:
Service at UWC is intense. We often hear about its benefits for our development, after all, there’s a reason it’s a core part of the UWC curriculum. A question less asked is whether service completely does “good” for the world, or whether the focus is instead on student learning. In short, is Service for us, or them?

We speak with Rick Hannah, head of Service and Sustainable Development at UWCSEA East, and discuss what service looks like and how we can navigate this balance of our development with global good.

Show notes:
The Moral Imperative Towards Cost-Effectiveness
80,000 hours
The world’s best charity can save a life for $3,337.06

Episode Thirty Two – What’s Happened To Our School Trips?

In this episode of Ears of East, we discuss the recent policy introduced by UWCSEA to achieve sustainability in school trips. This discussion will give you unique perspectives from various stakeholders, including an interview with Ms Cathy Jones who is the current Head Campus. Listen to find out whether the implications of this policy hinders the importance of outdoor education, service and activities trips in exchange of incorporating sustainability to assist in realising the school’s mission and responsibility to the world we live in.