ISB Basketball Tournament

Our second tournament of the basketball season was at the International School of Bangkok, this also gave us the chance to travel for the first time, abroad as a team, and stay together for a weekend. Again i believe this experience of traveling together, winning and losing in a foreign country together really cultivated the strong connections between the team, and ultimately gave us a headstart in prep for SEASAC weekend, which was the ultimate goal.

We flew in together, missing a day of school, and then found our way to the hotel. Throughout the trip, it was the little things, going for a 7/11 run, eating cup noodles in our rooms, sharing beds, playing pranks with each other , that I look back to now that really strengthened our bond togetherĀ as a team, as a group of friends, which in turn kept us rolling together during a game. These trips together as a team have taught me a lot about the importance of conducting oneself in a group of people, all working together to reach a common goal. You have to leave your ego at the door, and remember that you and no one else is above the team, once you can do that and you can respect your teammates, it opens lots of doors, doors of laughter, of friendships, and ultimately championships. I learned that what makes a team scary and strong is what goes on off the court as much as what goes on the court. This sport I have grown to love over my years at UWC East has given me a lot of friendships and fond memories of people winning and losing together, as a family, and now as a senior going on to next year, it will be my turn to demonstrate these principles to build yet another strong team bond, and I look forward to that opportunity.

We went through the tournament and faired quite well, but lost against a very good and loud home team, ISB. We ended up in the third place matchup, which saw us take on our sister school Dover, and it was a great team win against them, coming 3rd overall in a tournament a lot of other schools didnt think we would make very far.

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