I signed up for the Vietnam Tech conference this weekend. They have just shared the recordings of the webinars. Here are the ones that I think might be of some value to us. I am not sharing widely because I don’t want to bombard people, but feel free to forward to people as you see fit. (Ben, Lia – ones that might be of interest for you at the bottom of the list!)
Virtual tools for systems thinking – one of the most relevant webinars in the conference for us – some nice ideas in this recording about teaching systems thinking with digital tools, recommends some relevant TED talks and tools for modelling. A little slow to get started, but then gets going. Mentions tools we are already aware of like circle maps, Kumu (like Loopy) and Jamboard etc. Shows how systems thinking can be developed with children of different ages.
Innovative distance learning practices – compared to some of the other webinars this actually introduced me to some tools I had not seen before or certainly using tools in new ways. Here is the padlet he mentions. Useful tips for using Twitter, ideas to get kids moving physically in lessons. An AI focus and how AI progs can be used in teaching other subjects. He also ran an activity with participants to share other resources on an embedded padlet – so lots of resources here. Probably best for DLCs to filter as could be overwhelming for staff.
Social Learning and community – Interesting and rigorous (research-based) webinar about how to provide opportunities for social learning within remote learning, and how to support teachers in doing this. Here is the presentation he used. The guy who led this is from International school of Basel. They use Google classroom and provide a lot more guidance over lesson structure than we might want to do, but he also talks about how to be more intentional with group roles to promote effective group learning.
Using Edpuzzle for formative assessment – does what it says on the tin – summary of Edpuzzle and how you might want to use it, screencasts of people using it, showing you features etc – handy how to guide by real educators – delivery a little charmless!
Using Seesaw and Google sites for distance learning – summary of a variety of tools – possibly some clips from this might be of use to showcase to our teachers how others are using tools. But not sure that there is anything new here for us in this one.
Creating impactful multimedia content for distance learning – lots of tips and tricks for creating videos and infographics using imovie, adobe spark and venngage.
Interactive morning meetings – reviews principles for making morning meetings more interactive. JS focused. Nothing new in here, she mentions linking to news stories, kahoot and Seesaw – which I’m sure all our teachers regularly do, but possibly some ideas for interactive games and tools that teachers might not have seen before?
Hooking your students – led by a G3 teacher – practical suggestions for activities and games you can play with G3 students. I’m sure many of these will not be new, but possibly worth a watch by a HOG or GCC if people want some new ideas?
Early childhood education through parent partnership and personalised learning – practical tips in how to support parents to support their children. A lot of this is already on our remote learning site, but good to see how other groups are doing remote learning with this age group. A bit slow paced, but some nice examples of tools they have used, and she also addresses the issue of parent complaints (nice to know it’s not just us). At the end, you can see the curation of questions by a colleague which showcases how webinars can be used as a tool for managing the narrative with a group.
Connection through feedback – useful webinar of value at two levels
1. Ideas to lift for leaders wanting to lead online PL in feedback in remote learning for your team. Some helpful questions and activities to frame conversations with useful stimulus material.
2. Also showcases some nice examples of teachers giving feedback to students

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