IFP: Emotionally Intelligent Signage

Emotionally Intelligent Signage is used to convey a message in an unorthodox method, often through humour or empathy.

In our newfound groups, composed of a boarder, a classmate, someone you don’t know etc., we were given a map of the school. With a map we were so familiar to, we were told to identify the possible conflicts in different locations. From there, we were told to make an emotionally intelligent poster to prevent a conflict in any given area. Our group decided to tackle the problem of people not putting away their lunch crockery to the washing station once they are done.

This was our first rough draft. Our idea was to personify the crockery to add emotional appeal making people feel guiltier for not bringing back their crockery. Afterwards we had a gallery walk and this poster got positive feedback so we decided to digitise it. Below, is my digital version of this poster.

I thoroughly enjoyed this task since it exposed us to a new method of conveying a message. One that allowed us to be creative, linguistically and visually.

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One thought on “IFP: Emotionally Intelligent Signage

  1. I really enjoyed seeing the ideas behind your thinking and how that thinking developed. Also enjoyed the idea of trying to eliminate/reduce “conflict” on our campus. I would be interested to know what other conflict resolution ideas were suggested!

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