Global Perspectives

  1. I think I am more anthropocentric as I believe that what we do as humans affect the environment, but what the environment does to us does not affect us as much as we affect it.  There is nothing on this planet that has a bigger impact than humans so I am more anthropocentric rather than ecocentric.
  2. I think the ecocentric category fits my values better as I am someone who thinks that the environment and nature around us is more important than humans and that nature has been around for longer than humans have so we should not be killing it for our own wellbeing.
  3. I think that one thing that has changed my perspective is learning about how bad we really are to the environment that we live in and finding out how bad I am to the environment even though I try my best to do things I should to help preserve the planet.
  4. I did not think my carbon footprint would be as bad as it was as I consider myself to be environmentally friendly and do as much as I can to help nature, but I need to do more to help preserve the environment like recycling more and using less taxis and vehicles that release carbon into the atmosphere.
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