TOK History knowledge claims

The first history knowledge framework I will be discussing is how the study of the recorded past helps us to make sense of the present.  I think that this relates specifically to what we did in class as we played a murder mystery type game and without the evidence and facts of the past none of the present would have made sense.  This relates directly to history as without any prior knowledge and information of the past, the present would not make sense to us as there would be gaps in our knowledge of how things came to be.  The second history knowledge claim that I will be discussing is how understanding ones history gives a clear sense of identity.  This was demonstrated in our game as we were able to understand peoples motives to kill the main character by learning about their own personal history and if the main character had impacted their lives in anyway.  The third history knowledge claim I will be discussing is how historical theory can be constructed out of the available evidence by reason and imagination.  This was displayed in our game as there were many missing gaps in the story of who killed the main character, which is why we needed to use imagination and reason to fill those gaps with viable explanations and reasons to why events transpired.  This can be related to history as there are many areas of uncertainty in recording historical events which is why without imagination and reasoning there would be many flaws in the documented history we have today.

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