Today I decided that I wanted to start writing my extended essay to try and get a feel for how it would flow from the beginning. I learned more about the specific requirements I need to meet for my World Studies essay as well as the fact that aside from it being an essay which explores a topic, it also brings forth a discussion of my topic on a level of global significance and that’s something I find really cool. I’m quite proud of my topic in general; empathy has always been an interesting concept to me and to be able to explore it makes me pretty excited. I’m proud of my start into writing this essay though, as I sometimes find it difficult to write in school without losing track. I’m going to continue writing and finish off my introduction and start writing one of my body paragraphs to meet the 1000 word deadline by 22nd May, but I’ll also try and research a little bit more for my body paragraphs. When researching, I went to find information to help me find the key points I was going to talk about for my essay so I had a sort of framework to go off of when writing, but I may need additional information along the way which I will have to find in between writing my essay.

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