Maths and me :)) !!

So this is a homework response, highlighting my relationship with, and attitude towards mathematics.

Last year I did IGCSE ad maths and CIM with Mr. Walton

At this stage, I am super excited to dive into HL maths. I am looking forward to deepening my understanding of the subject while improving my core concepts as well as application skills. Most of my life I have been relatively ‘good’ at maths and that’s why I liked the subject, but after taking ad maths I think I have started to enjoy the subject in a different way. While preparing for ad maths I started to realise the complexity and the abstract nature of this subject, this really drew me into working hard. I think last years course has instilled in me an interest in the subject, that is really motivating me to be successful in this course.

I would say on the spectrum I lie more towards the left. From past experience, I have realised that concepts stick with me best if I take my time to understand them. I believe I understand/ remember concepts better when I work through them myself. This is because it forces me to justify each step to myself, making it easier to spot gaps or mistakes. If I come across a difficult question I struggle through it myself before asking anyone for help, because I just love the satisfaction you get when you solve a complex problem by yourself.

My process to get through a problem when I am stuck is to let it rest for a bit, I will let the question linger in my mind for a couple of days and then revisit it with a fresh mindset. This usually helps me think of alternative approaches to the questions. (but this strategy probably would not work in an exam because exams are usually required to be completed on the same day). If I am really really really stuck, then I would ask a friend or teacher for a hint. But on the other hand, I do also enjoy collaborative maths, because then I get a chance to see how others approach the same question.

I think my optimism is probably one of my strengths because it motivates me to keep working.

Thanks for reading!

– Aarushi

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  1. Paul La Rondie Reply

    Thanks Aarushi
    I love reading words like ‘enjoy’ and ‘super excited’ in reference to Maths. I am the same as you will see!!!
    Getting that balance between seeking help, collaborating with peers and working on a problem on your own with resilience is one crucial aspect for success in HL maths. I am glad to read you are comfortable with each.

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