The learning behind the science fest

This year there was a science fest, and astronomy club was taking part in it. The club has split into groups according to what we were interested in learning about. Amelia and I choose to learn about spectroscopy and where light originates from.

From a learning perspective, this was an fun experience, as we not only learned through online research but also through Harit (G12 student), and I always find human interactions much more engaging than reading websites, because we can easily discuss any questions on the spot. After he helped us understand the theory behind energy levels and light emissions, we went onto the practical side by looking at exciting gas molecules through a spectroscope. It was cool to actually see the hydrogen emission spectrum look like it did in images online.

During the time of the science fest, I was also learning about resolvance of diffraction gratings in HL physics, so for me, it was nice to make the connection between my learning outside and inside of class. I was able to visualise where each elements diffraction pattern came from, and it helped me have a more holistic understanding of the application of resolvance and diffraction gratings.

On a planning/ preparation level, the timeline for the science fest was very uncertain as Science Society had not given us a final presentation date until the very end. This meant that we slacked off a little when it came to making a stall. In the end, Mr. Suarez helped us a lot by lending us some of his class diagrams and helped us in gathering the required equipment. After this experience, my area of growth (LO1) would be to stick to an idea and fully see it through. There were multiple ways in which we could have made this process easier for ourselves, for example by simply splitting the task.


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    DAK – it’s good to see you stand up next to your peers and lead them 🙂

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