EE Interim reflection (R2)

I have been successful in finding ways to practically explore the Suzuki Method of Actor Training and have participated in two Suzuki workshops and interviewed a member of the ZenZenZo NewZealand theatre company. This practical research has better helped me make sense of Suzuki’s theory of acting and has also enabled me to make personal connections with the method of acting, making it easier for me to conceptualise my findings in writing. Initially, I was solely relying on practical exploration to inform the conclusion of my essay, but I soon realised that it could make for a biased conclusion. So I looked online for journals where people analysed their experience with Suzuki’s training. By doing so I gained a better understanding of the shared impact the training has and this has helped me affirm my conclusion. Overall this multifaceted research process has given me a more holistic view of how Suzuki’s philosophy connects to his training method.
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