The process of producing two FOAs has allowed me to learn and develop skills which I think will be useful in the future. My first FOA was 23 minutes, which quite long and it didn’t focus on a specific example, but it just used a variety of examples with no focused analysis. Thus, for the second FOA, I managed to keep it at 11 minutes and learned how to keep a presentation short and crisp, without boring the audience too much. Moreover, I decided to do my second FOA through a Ted talk which was a completely new experience for me. I had to research on the speeches given, while also being able to make the speech persuasive and clearly stating my points. This was a challenge for me as I usually speak quite fast, and I had to keep that in mind while presenting. I think this second FOA developed my presenting skills in such a way that I had to present it in a clear way while also being able to be informative, funny and persuasive within the time limit.

In the future, these skills will certainly come in handy as there might be scenarios where I’ll have to present an idea or anything, either in university or workplaces.

FOA 2 – Reflection

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