Upon reviewing our client’s information at first hand, we knew that air travel would be the aspect we would have to focus on the most. One of my team members was well versed with the same route traveled by our client and had a lot of useful information to provide on this aspect. This made us have more effective conversations and come up with plausibly feasible solutions.

One of the advantages we had was that the interview we had with our client was arranged a bit later due to some of their commitments. This allowed us to round up the most useful questions we had and come up with more research-based questions as well.

Following the previous steps, our next course of action will be to research deeper on our solutions to finalize that aspect. This will make it easier to transport data onto our website and have it in its best form.

2 thoughts on “Reflection #1”

  1. I like the way you made the most out of the scheduling issues your group had! I wonder how you knew that air travel was going to be a major focus?

    1. Following the evaluation quiz that we did, I compared with my peers and saw that air travel made the most impact on our carbon footprint. And given the prior information on our client’s extensive air travel, it was a clear target for us.

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