Ever since I joined the school, Culturama has been talked about in great lengths, however, this year I was able to truly take part in it. The previous year I had tried out to be the MC in Culturama but my efforts had failed, but I was still given the opportunity to host the Culturama performances at the foyer. This year, I was successful in my attempts and worked with a team of 4 other people to host Culturama 2019. (LO4)

This was my first major public speaking opportunity since I joined this school, and it was without a doubt a one of a kind experience. The MC-ing process involved a lot of brainstorming as to what we would present and the flow of ideas in our script. We were also working in fixed time which put us on a tight schedule. We did face some pitfalls along the way, for instance, due to our participation in MUN some of use were not able to contribute as much to the script as others. But this didn’t stop it from coming to gather in the end. (LO5) After our first show, we reflected on our performance as MCs and our delivery of lines and made improvements for the shows that followed. Watching the show from backstage was also very exciting as we not only saw the end result but also the hardworking put in by all the performers.


Culturama was a unique experience that insinuated creative thinking and collaboration to its fullest while exposing us to different cultures!