Over the course of season 2, we were meant to finalize our first articles, and then carry out the roles assigned to us at the start of the term (my role was editing). Going into the process of writing my first article, I wanted to branch out and do something new. My initial topic was analyzing how the western media portrayed Winston Churchill. However, though this was a topic that I was interested in, I was not very familiar with it, hence research was required to complete this task.

Due to the lack of time I assigned to this activity, I was unable to find a balance between my academic life and this activity as it required work beyond school hours. This resorted in me changing my topic to a research question that I was more familiar with: “Analysing Philosophies behind the Death Penalty”. I was able to complete my article and also carry out my role as an editor.

These series of events allowed me to reflect on the small decisions I can make to allow myself to achieve a better workload balance and only take up challenges when I have the bandwidth to. In addition to this, I also realized that I need to work on time management when it comes to handling extracurricular activities and academics in order to reach my fullest potential in both fields.