I have been involved with MUN for the past 6 years owing to the thrilling and captivating nature of the activity. It has always given me satisfaction and continues to do so with each conference. Though I had previously taken part in conferences both as a Chair and as a delegate, I felt that taking part in the planning aspect of the conference would make my experience complete. This was the reason as to which I applied for the MUN exec team. Following an interview, I was notified that I had been selected. I was very excited by the prospect of new experiences in MUN and understanding more about the “behind the scenes” of the conference.

Much to my expectation, I was exposed to several insights into the conference planning. These included logistical matters as well as deliberation on the future four conferences. We also addressed matters regarding our school’s participation in other MUNs.
Being part of the MUN executive team improves my understanding of the dynamic of a MUN and I hope to contribute more and learn more in the upcoming season.