How To Write Stories

Today we got to listen to a speech about how to write stories by Hanna. I think that I learnt a lot from this speech. I made me think about how I used to write stories. Having specific points to follow is easier for me as I know what I need to include in my stories.

An example is using emotion. To always have an emotion you want readers to feel. I have never really thought about stories in this way. How stories are made to be thought-provoking and touch on emotion. I think this tip will help me a lot in the future.

Another thing was that we should re-read our own writing to see if things make sense. That writing thing and actually speaking it is different.  Though it is written, for the readers, it should be natural and sound like speeches instead of writing. I think that this tip will also help me a lot.

From the speech Hanna gave us today, I have learned a lot and hopefully, I will be able to incorporate these tips into my own writing to make them better.


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