In seasons 2 and 3, I also took part in the play called The Heart of Robin Hood (THORH). Since I had missed the audition period, I decided instead to pick a backstage role where I was put in charge of lighting. This was a very different experience because instead of being acting, I was instead making sure I could coordinate with the sound department and also get better acquainted with the actor’s dialogues and positions on stage, learning where they would enter and exit. This was a tougher job than imagined since lighting plays a large role in the right illumination of a character based on the tension in the scene. Here, I learned different techniques of how to use the spotlight and change its size and filters based on the scene. Although it is not a coveted spot in a drama production, it is one that I wholly embraced.

Here is a picture of some of my notes of when I would need to illuminate an actor: