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The Daraja Academy is an academy near Nanuyki in Kenya. The school provides secondary education for girls who were denied opportunities to receive so, possibly due to socio – economic reasons. To worsen this problem, girls are often denied education over boys, as it is believed that boys will bring upon a more promising future, an ideology that is enforced by societal roles.

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Call With Daraja Girls

Call With Daraja Girls

This week we had a long-awaited call with our service partners. We got to talk to the girls and their principle learning about their daily lives especially after covid. Not only did we talk with them but we also got an opportunity to interview them.   Here are...

Welcome to Daraja!!

Welcome to Daraja!!

Welcome to our Daraja Global Concern blog page! We have collectively voted on and appointed a new chair and co-chair of our GC for this academic year. Nimisha was appointed as our chair, she has been a part of this GC for two years and served as co-chair last year....

Run for Rights

Run for Rights

Run for rights is an event that is hosted to raise awareness about women's rights it is set to happen this year in September and we are currently working hard to plan it. The event is where participants will sign up and pledge to run a certain amount they then have...

Our Projects

Our projects include the Annual Run for Rights.

 The goal of the Run For Rights event is to raise money and awareness for the girls. It is a drop-in run, in which people may enter at leisure with friends and family, walking, running, or biking the track. The run is to show community and advocacy and get people to know what it feels like to have to fight (run) for their rights. 

The Daraja trip is a unique experience and everyone is invited!

Daraja Academy is a boarding secondary school that predominantly self-functions. It is for Kenyan girls with top academic scores and exceptional leadership skills but no means to continue their education.

Meet the students and help out in daily life of the school. 

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