HL Essay Reflection #1

My initial thoughts and ideas rooted from my interests in the Procter and Gamble advertising. I really enjoyed working on the adverts during class, and analysing the global issues and their controversies. My format for the essay is to use representation, and I knew I wanted to focus something in the realm of identity, race and culture. I had reached to the conclusion of the thesis being “to what extent has diversity of gender and race been represented throughout this text?” I had some trouble when trying to conclude and finalise my thesis strands and the several points I would be discussing using the multiple adverts (evidence). The four advertisements I am going to be using within the essay, has varied over time period and type of advert. For example, print adverts, commercials and magazines. The adverts I will be using are Always Do Things Like A Girl (2014), Tide Retro Ad (2011), Gillette: Best a Man Can Be (2019) and #WeSeeEqual (2017). I specifically wanted to analyse and research upon the controversies and the limitations society has embedded onto individuals, and how the influence of adverts and media can be so harming and influential. My challenge next when writing out my paragraphs is to make sure I successfully corroborate all the information, and consolidate it into a analysed format, not a descriptive piece.

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