2021 – Recent actions in Gili despite the COVID pandemic

Gili Eco Trust has recently been working with other NGOs to help the environment the best they can.

One of the NGOs they have been working with is “Treevolutions”, volunteers and Suparman members have gathered together to plant trees around the Island. They managed to plant 20 banyan trees which were supplied by the government and 80 Flamboyant trees. They have had multiple treevolutions in 2020-2021 and they even organized a special Valentine’s Day tree planting. How thoughtful of them!

Gili has constantly been collaborating with the Treevolution organization, planting new trees all over the island

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Gili T Collects 10,000 Plastic Bags At World Clean-Up Day


19th September 2020 was World Clean-Up Day, a global movement around 180 countries to rid our planet of the waste and trash that is suffocating its wildlife and natural wonders. This year was the third year that the worldwide movement took action, with more than 11 million people from 165 countries contributing to the greening of our planet. The people in Indonesia did not hesitate to contribute. With the theme of “United for Clean Indonesia”, they took a step further from just sorting and cleaning the trash at home to uniting the country for a day of deep clean up.

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Turtles are finding their way back to Gili Trawangan!

Huge changes occurred on Gili Trawangan when the government took to the beach and ordered the clearance of all buildings and structures on the sandy side of Trawangan’s main path.

The government informed all the businesses to take structures, tables and sunbeds off the beach. Although they are still clearing the rubble and foundations, our beaches are now reverting back to their natural state. You can actually see the sea from the main street and the beach isn’t littered with little jewellery stands and restaurants. A true tropical paradise is reviving! Continue reading “Turtles are finding their way back to Gili Trawangan!”

2019 Gili Strong Triathlon

The 6th Sporting event to take place in Gili Trawangan, the Gili Strong Triathlon was a big success. The registration fees collected from 28 teams and 35 individuals amounted to 10.6 million rupiah, with all of it going towards the NGO. This is because the local government provided the prize money, and local businesses provided prizes. A raffle was also held, which raised another 12.8 million rupiah. Also, their pop-up eco market stall was at the Gili Festival (a 3-day event after the triathlon) and in total it made 3.7 million rupiah. Continue reading “2019 Gili Strong Triathlon”

The ROLE Plastic Conference 2019

Last month, members of the Gili Eco Trust foundation travelled to Bali to join the ROLE Foundation’s 3rd annual conference and debate regarding the ‘Zero Waste to Ocean’ debate.  

Indonesia is the 2nd largest global contributor to plastic in our oceans. More than 250 people from various organizations and initiatives all over the world, including representatives of the Gili Eco Trust NGO, joined together in the Zero Waste to Oceans – Community Environment & Skills Center to discuss and learn more about who is responsible. Eight speakers from different associations in Bali spoke during the conference. 

Jane Fisher from IWP (Indonesia’s Waste Platform)  started off the debate with an important question, “Who is responsible?”   Continue reading “The ROLE Plastic Conference 2019”